Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apartment Success!

It may have taken nearly two months and over $3,000 but I finally have it. The most amazing place in all of Sasebo, Japan. Now if you are reading this the odds are I need not remind you how cocky I am, but let me slip on the humble shoes here for a minute and still declare my place a spot of national interest because of the sheer amount of coolness emanating from all four bedrooms of my penthouse. Wait a second - did he really just say four? Oh, he did? Wow. That's what your reaction should be - Simply wow.

Okay, okay, so I may be a little biased as to the level of amazingness my apartment merits. That's an easy call. Now I offer you this... I have a room for trash. I have so many rooms... One is strictly for the containment of cardboard until I feel like disposing of it. If only Japan wasn't tiny I'd throw a damn pool table in there. Also I'm not sure where you'd even get a pool table in Japan - well that's another story.

So despite having an amazing place, and this may to much for the casual reader to handle so I advise you to proceed with caution is absolutely amazing things make you queasy. My friend Cimmi, a fellow Naval Officer, cooks for me because - now get this - she likes cooking... Yeah? I know right? Free food and wait for it... here's the kicker... She does the dishes! I told you guys, this place is borderline paradise. Did I mention the fireworks? I didn't think so - we get fireworks whenever Sasebo has a festival. I know right?

And to claim that my two amazing leather couches are anything short of chariots fit for the Gods would be underselling at it's best. Seriously, I have a more comfortable couch that my Dad. (Sorry for selling you out Dad, but good Lord I love this couch!) Throw in my bean bag room, six seat dining room set, classy coffee table, and full sized bed, and what you have my friends... is the greatest place in all of Sasebo City.

And YES - you can quote me on that!

PS ( I found the most hilarious coaster on this planet... )

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